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Come and enjoy the Angevine sweetness on the edge of the pool. From the 15th of May, you will be able to enjoy it, sometimes before, if the weather allows it and if we are ready. And at least until September 30th, or even longer if the weather is nice and warm. You should find the water temperature pleasant, it is heated if needed during the summer. The water is soft on the skin and does not sting the eyes, it is purified with salt. A large deck (130m²) surrounds the pool, providing a comfortable space for sunbathing on the deckchairs. For those who fear the sun, the poolhouse (45m²) offers a shaded area. A solar shower and toilets are at your disposal.

Following the Covid-19 measures, we provide you with a schedule indicating several private time slots, so that the guests of each gite have several dedicated time slots during the day to enjoy the swimming pool alone, without being disturbed and without the risk of running into other travellers. The times vary from day to day.


For hiking and forest lovers, the Salvert woods (110ha) allow you to get some fresh air on the many marked hiking trails around the property, from 45 minutes to 3h30.

Other tours, further afield, will take you through the vineyards or along the Loire. We recommend you to walk in Le Thoureil, Cunault, Chênehutte or on the east side, in Candes Saint Martin or Montsoreau. You can also walk along a path along the Loire from Saint-Martin-de-la-place to Saint-Clément-des-Levées.You can admire the “toues” (typical boats of the Loire) on the Loire coloured by the sunset.

Click HERE to see the map of the walking tour

Maps and informations are available at the Saumur Tourism Office.


Canoeing down the Loire. How about a closer look at the Loire? This long and quiet river offers a wide variety of lights, images and sensations.

We offer 2 canoes for hire.

Each canoe can carry 2 adults and 1 child (6 to 9 years).

All the necessary equipment is provided: life jackets, paddles, waterproof containers, carrying straps and inflatable roof racks suitable for all types of vehicles. The routes and essential recommendations are also provided.

Wellness and massages

Enjoy a relaxing break and well-being.

In “L’atelier d’Eugénie“, located 300m from the Château de Salvert.

Eugénie offers you a large choice of facials or body treatments. Rejuvenating, soothing, moisturising, regenerating or radiant, select the treatment that suits you best. Your massage will transport you to a true moment of relaxation.

+33 2 41 67 79 78

7 Route de la Croix Genet, 49680 Neuillé

Pony Club

The Pony Club of La Borde Stables is located 500m from the Château de Salvert.

Valérie and Stéphane offer your children half-day courses during the school holidays on Shetland or double ponies, in the arena or in the riding school. The various profiles of the mounts make it possible to initiate or practice leisure riding.

+33 6 99 34 11 78 (Valérie) or +33 6 31 35 02 41 (Stéphane)

La Borde, 38 Route de la Croix Marion, 49680 Neuillé


On the natural boundary between the Baugeois and Saumurois regions, Salvert is exclusively a wooded biotope, suitable for hunting wild boar and roe deer from stands.

The land is divided between an open area, the garden, and a closed area, the hunting park.

From spring and during the summer, you can walk through the hunting park free of charge and discover the life of the wild boars.


For experienced pianists, we have a Blüthner half-tail from 1887, on which Jörg Demus played in 2009.