A flat at Château de Salvert, near Saumur, in the Loire Valley, Anjou, for 4 people.

As soon as you walk in the door, the light invades you. Each window is an invitation to daydream: over the main courtyard and the abundance of sculptures, while the rear of the Château offers a view of the swimming pool and the English park.

Two luxurious and comfortable double rooms share the space of this superb flat (71m²). Opposite, a bright living room awaits you. A fully-equipped kitchen allows you to enjoy a meal at will. A shower room and WC are to be shared between the two bedrooms. Antique paintings and 19th century furniture alternate elegantly with the contemporary style.

The real Château life, in a great flat!

A brief history: Empress Josephine, slept in Napoleon’s bed, in the castle of Enns (Austria), while Napoleon led a battle on the Enns from the castle terrace. This was a few days before the great battle of Austerlitz, nicknamed “The Battle of the Three Emperors” on December 2, 1805. As a result of an inheritance, these two Napoleon beds arrived at the Château de Salvert.

By combining the flat (4 persons) and the room (2 persons), you have a flat for 6 persons.

4 x
1 x
2 x

  • Chambre appartement au château de Salvert lit double