Room and apartment in the Château

In the 18th century, a huge project become, create a bold addition in return for a square: “it is in this right wing that you will sleep”. Then, in the 19th century, the two castles were united by the same style of facades, the Gothic style. It was at this time that sculptors were commissioned to make the Château de Salvert the most sculpted and gothic castles in the whole province.

If you push the door of the North Tower, you are in the main staircase, plesant by its romantic charm of the neo-Gothic style. Under the watchful eye of the statue of Maximilian, you can access the landing that opens onto the bedroom and the flat.

We offer you a room for 2 persons and a flat for 4 persons. From either of them you will enjoy a magnificent view of the park or the swimming pool. The room and the flat are decorated with the most beautiful decorations, antique paintings and 19th century furniture to rival the contemporary style.

Real castle life, a fairytale.

By combining the flat (4 people) and the bedroom (2 people), you have a flat for 6 people.

Appartment in the château

  • Chambre d'hôtes appartement château de Salvert lit double

Guest room in the Château

  • Chambre d'hôtes au château Val de Loire

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