Blason du Château de Salvert

Château de Salvert

Grand Saumur


Val de Loire


Michel & Monica
Le Pelletier de Glatigny
+33 (0)6 15 12 03 11

French cooking

Dinner, Château de Salvert, Grand Saumur, Anjou, France


Dinner, surprise menu, Château de Salvert, Saumur, Loire Valley Wines


For example:

Hildegarde menu*

Terrine de légumes

Fricassée de volaille, riz d’épeautre et poêlée de fenouil

Tarte Tatin aux coings

(for anyone with special dietary needs or gluten intolerance)


55€/pers, aperitif, wine, coffee included (children -10 years: 50%))


* Hildegarde menu, with spelt, vegetables and fruits is also a vegetarian menu, a vegan menu and good for Monica le Pelletier, gluten intolerant, as celiac.

(Hildegarden de Bingen, spelt... More information on our web site "Activities" and then, "Hildegarden von Bingen")

our spelt flour, imported from Germany, is ground by us to make bread and cakes. The eggs come from our own hens.  

The menu will vary according to the season, the availability of the vegetables from our own garden and that of our neighbors, market gardeners.  

The dinner is cooked par Monica Le Pelletier and served by Michel Le Pelletier in the green room at individual tables under the watchful eye of his ancestors.